A regional collective impact initiative in Northern Kentucky

The Cincinnati Talent Hub designation began in September 2017 when more than 35 regional partners came together for a retreat to lay the groundwork for “Growing Regional Outcomes through Workforce”, or GROW NKY.  From that point forward, work led by Strive Together and GROW NKY ran parallel and, in 2019, the efforts reached a significant level of overlap and organically consolidated. Now with more than 70 regional partners from both Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, GROW NKY has become a widely recognized collective impact initiative leading regional  workforce, education, and talent strategies.

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Patricia Mahabir
Talent Hub Leader



Leveraged Investments

Leveraging the Talent Hub designation and initial grant investment, the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Talent Hub was able to raise an additional $1.57M over three years to support systems and program work.  Coming from philanthropic, corporate, and public sources, these additional funds allowed the partnership to continue their system building efforts while supporting programming ranging from work-based learning to immigrant integration supports.


Exceeded enrollment targets by 322% for single, Black, female heads-of-household.

Through an integrated support system to enroll single, Black, female heads-of-household from select census tracts in Cincinnati, the Talent Hub enrolled 3,069 women into high-quality credential programs over three years, far exceeding their target of 938 enrollees.  The approach involved changing relationships among daycare facilities, non-profit basic need providers, workforce training programs, community colleges, staffing providers, and scholarship providers.   The effort is one of few targeted equity approaches throughout the country that has led to intergenerational success for families. 

Key Initiatives

Lift the Tri-State

Logistics, Inventory Management, Facilities Management and Transportation (LIFT) offers an opportunity for unemployed and underemployed adults throughout the tristate region to become trained in a growing field, providing essential job skills. This 10-week free job training program based in Northern Kentucky will supply hands-on training from experienced warehouse personnel at Freestore Foodbank, specialized coursework designed by Gateway Community and Technical College, as well as links to local employment through BelFlex Staffing Network and other program partners.

LIFT students are eligible to earn up to 6 credit hours through Gateway College program. If a student passes the Certified Logistics Associate (CLA) and/or Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) — students may receive 3 credit hours through Gateway College for each certificate.


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Brighton Center: Center for Employment Training

CET offers adults life-changing skills to help them find good jobs with a livable wage and build successful futures. Instruction is hands-on, practical, and personal, designed to get people working as quickly as possible to begin their path to a promising future. CET is accredited by the council of occupational education and provides competency-based skill-specific training in Medical Assisting, Health Technology Administration, and Human Resources & Payroll Specialist.

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United Way of Greater Cincinnati
Coaching Provider
Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
Higher Education Partner
Gateway Community and Technical College
Higher Education Partner