No one organization or sector can solve complex social challenges.  Partner with us as we better connect learning to economic opportunity in the place we call home.

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Partnerships around the country have earned a rigorous designation of excellence for their work in the area of learning after high school.  Learn what it takes to become a national exemplar for cross-sector partnerships that attract, retain, and cultivate talent.

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Learn how we partner with cross-sector partnerships, technical assistance providers, and other national initiatives to improve higher education and workforce outcomes.

  • Join our National Talent Network to learn alongside other cross-sector partnerships.
  • Provide technical assistance and support to our network members.
  • Partner with us to support your initiative.

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CivicLab is generously supported by several local, state, and national funding partners.  More than financial support, CivicLab partners with philanthropy, corporate philanthropy, and government agencies to achieve their goals.

  • Support systems change around the country.
  • Make multiple placed-based investments through a lean intermediary.
  • Get help in designing effective philanthropic initiatives focused on talent, capacity-building, and systems change