Achieving systems change is fundamentally about transforming relationships among people.  Like systems change, Talent Hubs and CivicLab are driven by partnerships with communities, state, technical assistance providers, and other national organizations seeking to improve education and talent.


National Talent Network

Cross-sector partnerships at all levels are welcome to join the National Talent Network.  Whether the partnership is newly forming or has been in operation for years, and no matter if the partnership is hyper focus on a single neighborhood or a multi-state region, the National Talent Network serves as a convener and supporter for those seeking to make change in the place they call home.

There are no fees to join the network.  Partnerships sign a network agreement that describes what participation looks like and outlines the benefits of joining the network.  Benefits include:

  • Connecting with other leaders doing similar work around the country.
  • Exclusive events and trainings focused on systems change, education, talent, and stakeholder collaboration.
  • Access to CivicLab staff support and coaching.
  • Discounted rates at convenings, design labs, and other CivicLab events.
  • Guided facilitation towards earning a Talent Hub designation.

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Technical Assistance Provider Network

Talent Hubs and members of the National Talent Network need support from experts and consultants to achieve success.  We maintain an active network of these technical assistance providers that can be deployed to provide just-in-time, contextualized support to our partners.  Technical assistance providers range from large firms and institutes to individual consultants and former executives.  Together, they address the wide range of challenges that cross-sector partnerships face.

Consultants and organizations that join the Technical Assistance Provider Network receive:

  • Referrals from CivicLab to connect partnerships and practitioners with providers.
  • Inclusion in nationally funded initiatives.
  • Partnership and collaboration opportunities with 100+ cross-sector partnerships across the United States.

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Some of the partners in the Technical Assistance Provider Network include:

  • Brookings Institution
  • Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP)
  • Jobs for the Future
  • Michigan College Access Network
  • Burning Glass
  • SOVA Consulting
  • Hattaway Communications
  • Barbara Endel (Workforce Consultant)
  • Sara Lundquist (Higher Education Consultant)
  • The National Equity Project
  • Indiana University Public Policy Institute
  • Indiana University-Purdue University at Columbus (IUPUC), Geographic Information Systems and Data Analytics
  • HCM Consultants
  • Rachel Bujalski (Emmy Winning Photojournalist)
  • Susan Headden (Pulitzer Prize Journalist)
  • STL Sandbox
  • Three Frame Media
  • ReUp Education
  • Seventh Street Strategies (Federal Policy and Advocacy)
  • Equal Measure
  • Equivolve Consulting
  • The Shasta College Attainment and Innovation Lab for Equity (SCAILE)
  • Lilia Tanakeyowma (K12 to Higher Ed Transition Expert)


Collaborating for Change

CivicLab and Talent Hubs partner with other regional, state, and national organizations to support their ambitious plan to improve education and workforce outcomes.  We bring our flexible, multi-model methods of support to other national initiatives, lending our unique expertise and networks to reach shared goals.  Our partnerships with other national initiatives have included:

  • Assisting with outreach through our vast cross-sector partnership network.
  • Providing technical assistance, subject matter expertise, and coaching.
  • Designing education, workforce, and system change efforts at the local, regional, state, and national levels.
  • Supporting the implementation of initiatives including facilitating planning phases, project management, and fund distribution.
  • Providing unique institutes and design labs tailored to the initiative.

CivicLab Partners with NCII Rural Guided Pathways Project

NCII partnered with CivicLab as a subject-matter expert in the areas of community engagement, partnership development, and systems change for a national rural guided pathways project.  Working with 16 rural community colleges for three years, CivicLab provides coaching, institutes, resources, and support to improve rural student outcomes.

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Supporting EDA's Good Jobs Challenge

America Achieves partnered with Talent Hubs and CivicLab to support over 30 regions in applying for the Good Jobs Challenge.  The work included:

  • Soliciting interest in potential applicants.
  • Providing tools, guidance, and coaching to regional applicants.
  • Connecting regions to experts in the Technical Assistance Provider Network.
  • Co-designing implementation supports.
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Redesigning the Texas College Access Network

CivicLab partnered with Educate Texas to facilitate the relaunch of TxCAN.  Together, TxCAN stakeholders engaged in two institutes focused on stakeholder engagement and system building, created new guiding and project teams, and strengthened their collective capacity to tackle state-wide postsecondary access and success strategies.

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Transforming Community Colleges in Southeast Michigan

Led by the Detroit Talent Hub, in partnership with the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation and Ballmer Group, CivicLab partnered to provide design, implementation, technical assistance, coaching, and capacity extension services for a multi-year, $40M community college transformation project in southeast Michigan.

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