Creating equitable outcomes for youth and adults in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Led by Learn to Earn Dayton, the Dayton Talent Hub uses a collective impact approach to improve education outcomes for residents of Montgomery County, Ohio.  Heavily focused on racial equity, the Dayton Talent Hub blends programmatic, direct-service supports to youth and students with system building practices, creating a strong ecosystem of support for those that call the Dayton area home.

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Stacy Wall Schweikhart
Nina Carter
Senior Vice President of Place-based Strategies
Tom Lasley
CEO Emeritus
Maya Dorsey
Director of Equity and Collaborative Impact
Carol Bonner
Director for Student Completion, Sinclair Community College



Between AY17 and AY20, the Dayton Talent Hub increased the number of first-time credential earners among adults with some college, no degree by 65%, substantially outperforming the national rate of -7.9% during the same time period.

Through their collective impact approach that prioritizes system-level strategies, significantly more adults in Montgomery County completed their first credential compared to 2017 baselines.


Over three years, Dayton produced 18 percentage point increase of new full-time students completing their gateway Math in their first year, from 31% in FY2017 to 49 % in FY2019.

Gains were also seen in first-year English gateway courses with completion rates increasing from 69% to 72% in the same two-year period.

Key Initiatives

Equity Fellows

In partnership with the Montgomery County Educational Service Center, Learn to Earn has created an Equity Fellows Program for school administrators and teachers who are committed to embedding culturally responsive practices in their schools. This effort has involved dozens of individuals who are taking the lead in their buildings to promote culturally responsive teaching and policies.

Talent Hub Equity Fellows (THEF) are trained to understand the equity issues and data for their particular high school and they will commit to working with peers and other key stakeholders to implement strategies that will reduce the academic achievement gap and ensure the potential for success of all students.

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Reducing Time to Degree Completion

Using a systems approach to improve predictive analytics, academic advising, degree maps, and remedial course redesign, the Dayton Talent Hub collaborates to reduce the time it takes for a student to earn a high-quality credential.  As a result of this work, course completion rates at Sinclair Community College increased five percentage points and new students completing 15 credit hours increased by 3 percentage points.

Notably, results for Black males outpaced those for the entire student body.  Course completion for Black males increased eight percentage points.


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