A regional network of cross-sector partners who work together to strengthen educational outcomes.

As a collective impact backbone team, North State Together maintains a delicate balance between the strong leadership needed to keep our counties united toward our common vision, and the invisible “behind the scenes” role that lets each county network own their own success. We know how important place-based solutions are in our rural communities, so our goal is to build capacity for leadership and creativity at the ground level to ensure that each county can set their own goals and priorities based on local needs.

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Kevin O'Rorke
Jamie Spielmann
Director of Planning and Development
Susan Schroth
Director, GRAD Partnership
James Crandall
Regional Director - Data Strategies
Kate Mahar
Associate Vice President of Innovation & Strategic Initiatives, Shasta College
Amy Speakman
Director of Planning and Development
Billy Miller
Associate Dean of Extended Education, Shasta College



Expanded from a five-county to a ten-county partnership

North State Together’s demonstrated success earned the partnership a K16 Collaborative grant provided by the State of California.  In doing so, the partnership has grown from serving five counties to now serving ten.  The result – a dramatic increase in the potential for impact across northern California.



Increased on-time degree completion

Through systems redesign including changes to advising supports, improved degree pathways, and cohorted learning, North State Together have generated a 2% annual gain in the number of students completing an associates or bachelors degree within four-years.  

Key Initiatives

SCAILE (Shasta College Attainment and Innovation Lab for Equity)

SCAILE (Shasta College Attainment and Innovation Lab for Equity) is a new center that has evolved from the work of the North State Together Talent Hub, Lumina Foundation’s Community Partnerships for Attainment, and the Innovation Awards at Shasta College.  

SCAILE’s goal is to create a place where policy, practice, inquiry and applied research are integrated to foster innovation in educational attainment and the reduction of equity gaps with a spotlight on the changing dynamics of rural communities.  

In many ways, SCAILE functions as a Strategy Lab to meaningfully support practitioners, stakeholders and researchers/scholars working to unite communities in pursuit of increased post-secondary attainment and the elimination of equity gaps in who pursues college, thrives once enrolled, and completes a credential.


Alliance Project

The Alliance Project has formally join North State Together to create a culturally responsive community that works for all.  Building on existing local and regional partnerships, including the Umoja program, the Alliance Project is committed to ensuring access to education and to alleviating disparities among our underserved populations in our region, with a specific focus on African American students. 


Shasta College
Community College
North State Planning & Development Collective
University Collective
College of the Siskiyous
Community College
Advancing Modoc
County-level Collaborative
Cradle 2 Careers 4 Siskiyou
County-level Collaborative
Expect More Tehama
County-level Collaborative
Reach Higher Shasta
County-level Collaborative
Trinity Together
County-level Collaborative
Glenn 2 Greatness
County-level Collaborative
Lassen Healthcare Education Collaborative
County-level Collaborative

Dive Deep in Regional Data

Dig into North State Together’s regional cradle-to-career progress indicators and see their impact.

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