If it remains invisible, it remains unsolvable. 


Complex social challenges lives at the intersection of the public, private, and social sectors.  To create system-level solutions that address the root of an issue, systems must first be mapped or visualized to identify the relationships and interactions among stakeholders, organizations, policies, and practices.  Effective partnerships use a variety of current state maps to illuminate hidden systems, define the opportunity landscape, engage partners, and guide their collaborative work.

Rooted in Edward Tufte’s data visualization and information design lessons, CivicLab has supported dozens of partnerships to create system, stakeholder, program, and other current state maps.  These maps are shared openly throughout the Talent Hubs and National Talent Network to share lessons, inspire new ways of visualizing systems, and build the capacity of partnerships around the country.


Current State Maps


The maps and visualizations are from partnerships all across the country, and include:

  • Stakeholder Maps
  • Geographic Data Maps
  • Systems Maps
  • Network Maps
  • Data Charts and Graphic
  • Program Maps
  • Customer Experience Maps
  • Asset Maps
  • Plans on a Page, Logic Models, & Goal Trees
  • Process Maps
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