The traditional supply and demand relationship between the education and employment sectors is no longer sustainable.  Successful communities come to this conclusion time and time again, and realize that they must redesign their local talent system to achieve community prosperity.

After extracting lessons and cases from 25 Talent Hubs over the course of five years, a team of experts gathered a starting guide to support communities in redesigning talent systems.  The 10 Steps to Building Talent offers ten clear actions that all partnerships should take to prepare their residents for today’s and tomorrow’s economy.  Each action is backed by one or more examples from Talent Hubs, giving leaders and practitioners a tangible point of reference as they embark on systems redesign.

The ten steps include:

  1. Create a cross-sector partnership committed to changing systems
  2. Focus on increasing education attainment
  3. Develop flexible models of delivery
  4. Ensure that all efforts reflect a commitment to social justice and racial equity
  5. Align employers and educators
  6. Provide non-academic assistance
  7. Test your ideas; fail fast to learn fast
  8. Ensure sustainability
  9. Help shape policy
  10. Seek, and share, expertise
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