Partnerships between community colleges and employers are commonplace, yet the health and productivity of these partnerships is often weak.  A report produced by the Harvard Business School Project on Managing the Future of Work and the American Association of Community Colleges points to the disconnect between education and business.  Based on survey results from 800 senior executives, senior managers and middle managers, and 347 community college leaders responded, representing a quarter of community colleges nationwide, authors Joseph Fuller and Manjari Raman discuss the fractured relationship between the business and education sectors, and offer advice to practitioners to strengthen existing and build new partnerships.

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Their recommendations are organized across three goal areas:


While strong community college and employer partnerships are critical, communities and regions should consider connecting these transactional partnerships to large, system-focused efforts led by backbone organizations.  Several Talent Hubs are convened by chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, and independent 501c3 organizations dedicated to providing the fuel to sustain partnerships among employers, colleges, K12 districts, social service providers, and philanthropic organizations.


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